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Tecmate Optimate 2 Battery Charger


Tecmate Optimate 2

The OptiMate 2 extends life and improves the performance of a battery of 12 V in a vehicle or vessel, or accugevoed a system that is not in daily use.

Use the supplied clamps and cables for the OptiMate 2 is easy on the battery when the vehicle or vessel for longer period of time. The battery charger provides a safe and long-term maintenance even in temperatures below zero.
The OptiMate 2 and it detects itself, and the battery condition, charge the battery and keep it then it is 100% charged and ready to go. This allows the charger to ensure the battery never gets overcharged. In addition, the Optimate 2 to the theft alarm, the display, and the on-board computer, and other similar appliances, of the current.

The OptiMate 2 is ideal for stand-by and food applications. - The interactive standby mode during long term maintenance, changes to
charging when it detects that there is a lot of power from the battery is pulled out.

The OptiMate 2 battery charger and a constant battery charger on 12 Volt battery you can plug in, without as much to look at.

The Optimate 2 is to be used for a 12 Volt battery, 3-96 ampere hours. The Optimate 2 battery charger is equipped with an SAE connector.

The main difference between the Optimate 3 is that the Optimate 2 is provided with the software, which is also a very, very poor and deeply discharged batteries and can recover. The Optimate 2 has been designed to have a good battery and in good condition.

The Optimate 2 is supplied with a 3 year warranty.

The Optimate 2 is a 4-step charging program:

  1. The Start of the loading process, under a low voltage (2V)
  2. Controlled-load
  3. To optimize the battery
  4. Maintenance

Accessories included:

  • Proof of permanent cable
  • Croc/ battery clips
Tecmate Optimate 2 Battery Charger
Tecmate Optimate 2 Battery Charger
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