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OMP KS-1 Pro Rib Protector CIK-FIA


The OMP KS-1 Pro karting rib protector has been developed using input from the worlds leading teams resulting in a vest which complies with the latest FIA 8870-2018 approval and provides unrivaled protection for the ribs, back and chest.

  • Nitrite rubber impact absorbing layer provides maximum impact protection and comfort
  • Tough polycarbonate outer shell
  • Wide range of sizes to offer the ideal fit for all drivers

The OMP KS-1 pro rib protector is available in a wide range of sizes and within each size features an auto adjustable fitting system which allows for the optimum fit. A 10mm insert kit is available separately for smarter built drivers.

FIA 8870-2018 approved

Size Chart

OMP KS-1 Pro Rib Protector CIK-FIA

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