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AIM MyChron 5S 2T GPS Kart lap timer


AIM MyChron 5S 2T GPS Kart lap timer / data logger with 2 temperature inputs

AIM MyChron 5S-2T GPS kart data logger with 2 temperature inputs, basic kit with speed sensor.

The AIM MyChron 5S 2T lap timer is not just any lap timer.

The AIM MyChron 5S 2T is the most user-friendly lap timer in the market because of the built-in 25Hz GPS, rechargeable battery, clear display, clear menu, WIFI, backlight which is automatically controlled by the built-in light sensor.

The AIM MyChron 5S 2T can measure the following in the basic version:
Lap time (via GPS)
-GPS speed
Acceleration (via GPS)
-2x temperature (sensors are optional)

Simple data analysis on the display by means of graphs and tables. Optionally, the stored data can easily be downloaded from the MyChron 5S 2T via the WIFI connection and analyzed extensively in the Race Studio analysis software.

And if you want to measure more, you can easily expand the AIM My-Chron 5S 2T with, for example, a channel expansion module AIM Mychron Expansion , AIM SmartyCam HD video camera or a AIM LCU lambda sensor.

You are therefore assured of a good purchase because the system can always be expanded according to your wishes and the modules can be linked independently of each other to the AIM MyChron 5S 2T laptimer.

In short, the AIM MyChron 5S 2T is the most sold laptop timer worldwide for a reason!

The basic kit consists of:
-AIM MyChron 5S 2T dashboard (standard with adjustable backlighting (red, green, yellow, blue, magenta, cyan, white and purple)
-2 alarm LEDs for the temperature sensor and 5 adjustable shift lights)
-Rechargeable Lithium battery
-Charging station for Litium battery
-RPM sensor
-Connection cable for temperature sensors (temperature sensors are optional)

Optionally, a magnet receiver or an infrared receiver can be connected as a lap time sensor (if you do not want to measure a lap time via GPS).
An external 12V power supply can also be optionally connected (especially if additional expansion modules are used).

AIM MyChron 5S 2T GPS Kart lap timer

AIM MyChron 5S 2T GPS Kart lap timer | Temperature sensor : Temperature connection cable PT100 & 1x thermocouple without sensor

Temp Sensor


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