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Tecmate Optimate 1+ battery charger)


Tecmate Optimate 1+

The Optimate 1+ - Speed precision microprocessor-controlled-maintenance of 12 V batteries from 2 to 30Ah

  • With a 24/7 safe and long-lasting battery care and maintenance
  • Optimizing the capacity and service life of the battery
  • 100% automatic, 100% safe and secure

The OptiMate 1 is a fully automatic charger all types of 12v lead-acid batteries, vehicle batteries, etc, with STD filler caps, sealed batteries (MF) maintenance-free batteries and GEL batteries.
This battery charger is ideal for maintaining batteries on vehicles that are to be temporarily used, or of which (by, for example, seizoensgebruik) on a temporary basis or on a longer basis. The charger will deliver exactly what the battery needs, no more and no less, for the above-mentioned optimum service life.

The OptiMate 1 and is an interactive drupellader with ontzwavelingspuls. The Optimate 1 and is completely safe for long periods of time, the battery can be connected without risk of overcharging. In addition, it is very easy to use. Connect it to the battery, and then plug the power cord into the wall outlet, and the rest is done for you automatically.

The Optimate 1 and is protected against reverse polarity. Thus, in case of failure of the battery charger to the battery, the charger and the battery are destroyed. The Optimate 1 is also totally safe for vehicle electronics. In addition, it can be a substance in the charger, do not enter, which will contribute to the long life-span.

The difference Optimate 1 and the Optimate 1+
The difference between the Optimate 1 Optimate 1+, that is, the Optimate 1 is a connector for 220 v built-in features in the equipment itself, and the Optimate 1 and a power cord are included and that the charger is connected to the 220 V mains. The connection of the power cord to the mains, you're a bit more flexible when it comes to the placement of the battery charger while it is charging.

Tecmate gives you a 3 year warranty for the battery chargers.


The Optimate 1 has a 4-step charging program:

  1. To Start the charging process under the low-voltage range (4V)
  2. Controlled-load
  3. Optimisation
  4. Maintenance


Accessories included:

  • Weather oogklemmen with the fuse accessory-O01)
  • Klemmenset to get to the battery on a bench charge (the accessory O04)
  • Power cord with plug for 220V / lan
Tecmate Optimate 1+ battery charger)
Tecmate Optimate 1+ battery charger)
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