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Tecmate Optimate Lithium 5A Battery Charger


Tecmate Optimate Lithium 5A

The OptiMate Lithium 5A, the first OptiMate, which is your LiFePO4 rechargeable battery, and protects like no other battery charger on it that has ever been done! The OptiMate lithium 5A protects your battery and to guarantee a long and proper functioning of your LiFePO4/LFP battery pack.

The OptiMate Lithium 5A, it is suitable for charging batteries up to 100 Ah.

It's unique ampmatic program, the OptiMate lithium 5A causes the cells within the battery quickly, efficiently, and uniformly loaded. This makes the Lithium-5A with a 5A (max) charging current.

It is defined by the OptiMate lithium, provides the voertuigcircuit of the power of the battery to safeguard it and ensure that it is 100% charged remains.

The length of the supplied cable is 2 meters long.

The Optimate Lithium 5A is supplied with a 3 year warranty.

The Optimate Lithium 5A, includes a 10-step program:

  1. The Start of the charging is below a low voltage level (0.5 V)
  2. Test-before-charge
  3. Temperature check
  4. The Ultra low Volt save
  5. Low Volt save/ celmonitoring
  6. Test celbeschadigingen
  7. Balanced cellading
  8. To optimize the battery
  9. Re loading
  10. Maintenance

Accessories included:

  • Proof of permanent cable
  • Croc/ battery clips
Tecmate Optimate Lithium 5A Battery Charger
Tecmate Optimate Lithium 5A Battery Charger
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